IGI 1 I’m Going In pc game download

Download IGI 1 I’m Going In the Super classic full version PC game for free. This game With immersive gameplay, strategic challenges, and adrenaline-pumping action, IGI delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. This game has separate fan followings still in 2024 people are seriously crazy about this game and everyone wants to play. So if you are one of them and want to download this masterpiece for free then you are in the right place. oldgamer.tech provides full version PC games to download without any cost. This game has a 112 MB setup file in Winrar, just go through the instructions to make it yours!

pc game download for free

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IGI 1 PC Game Download

Infiltrate enemy lines and take down global threats in Project IGI I’m Going In, a classic tactical first-person shooter that puts you in the boots of David Jones, a highly skilled covert operative. Released in 2000, IGI emphasizes strategic planning and objective-based missions over run-and-gun action. Players must carefully choose their approach, utilizing stealth tactics like disguises and silenced weapons to eliminate targets or complete objectives undetected. Alternatively, they can engage in intense firefights with دشمنان, utilizing a diverse arsenal of real-world firearms and explosives.

Beyond its tactical depth, IGI offers a unique experience with features like a detailed satellite map for mission planning, destructible environments, and a focus on resource management. Players carry a limited amount of weapons and equipment, forcing them to adapt and improvise throughout each mission. While the game’s graphics and mechanics may not hold up to the latest titles, IGI remains a captivating experience for fans of tactical shooters and those seeking a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.

IGI 1 PC Gameplay!

I.G.I-1’s gameplay is characterized by its unique blend of tactical and stealth elements within a first-person shooter framework. Players assume the role of David Jones, an elite agent navigating open-level environments to complete missions, often involving espionage, sabotage, and combat. The game encourages a strategic approach, with limited ammunition and health, compelling players to prioritize stealth and careful planning. The emphasis on realistic gun mechanics, intelligent AI, and puzzle-solving adds depth to the gameplay, creating an immersive and challenging experience that sets I.G.I-1 apart from traditional run-and-gun shooters.

Game Features

  • Genre: Tactical first-person shooter (FPS) with stealth elements.
  • Campaign: Single-player campaign with various missions across diverse environments.
  • Focus: Emphasis on strategic planning, infiltration, and silent takedowns alongside action-packed firefights.
  • Weaponry: Wide arsenal of real-world firearms and explosives to choose from.
  • Inventory Management: Carry limited weapons and equipment, requiring careful planning and resourcefulness.
  • Objectives: Complete diverse objectives ranging from rescuing hostages to eliminating targets and acquiring intel.
  • Stealth mechanics: Utilize features like disguises, sound dampeners, and silencers to avoid detection.
  • Realism: Features realistic weapon handling, ballistics, and environmental effects.
  • Challenge: No difficulty settings, offering a single, challenging experience.
  • Unique Features: Includes binoculars for recon, a detailed satellite map for mission planning, and destructible environments.


Release Date8 December 2000
Game ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer
GenreStealth game, Tactical shooter
Platforms Microsoft Windows

How to Download IGI 1 pc game from oldgamer

  1. Click on the “Download” Button shown below
  2. A Downloading Page will be open
  3. Wait 15 Seconds to off the Timer
  4. Great! After that, you can download the game by Mega or Mediafire directly

How to Install IGI 1 pc game on Windows

  1. Download Metro IGI1.rar
  2. Extract file by using Winrar
  3. Double click on the “IGI.exe”
  4. No Installation
  5. Direct Play and Enjo




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pc game download for free

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