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“Mafia 2” is an immersive open-World action-adventure game that transports players to the gritty underworld of organized crime in the 1940s and 1950s. Developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Games, the game follows the gripping story of Vito Scaletta, a war veteran drawn into a life of crime as he climbs the ranks of the Mafia in the fictional city of Empire Bay. With a meticulously recreated period setting, compelling characters, and a richly detailed open world, “Mafia 2” offers players an engaging blend of cinematic storytelling and intense action, complete with shootouts, car chases, and a morally complex narrative that explores the consequences of a life lived on the wrong side of the law.

Mafia 2 PC Gameplay !

“Mafia 2” boasts a gameplay experience that seamlessly blends a gripping narrative with elements of open-world exploration and intense action. Players step into the shoes of Vito Scaletta, engaging in a variety of criminal activities from gunfights and car chases to stealthy infiltration missions. The game’s meticulously crafted 1940s and 1950s setting immerses players in a world of vintage cars, period-appropriate music, and an evolving storyline that reflects Vito’s rise through the ranks of organized crime. The open-world aspect allows for free-roaming through Empire Bay, offering opportunities for side activities and immersive world-building. With its attention to detail and a narrative that pulls players into the morally complex choices of a mobster’s life, “Mafia 2” delivers a captivating and cinematic gaming experience.


Release Date23 August 2010
Game ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer
Genre Action, adventure, Open-world, Crime, Third person shooter
PlatformsPlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox-one

How to Install Mafia 2 pc game on Windows

  1. Download Metro Mafia 2.rar
  2. Extract file by using Winrar
  3. Double click on the setup file
  4. Installation will begin, wait for few minutes
  5. Play and Enjoy


GAME SIZE :  4.38 GB


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